Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tape Headz Session 1: Hiding Out (1987)

Our first viewing session was a smashing success, viewing the classic 1987 comedy/thriller Hiding Out starring John Cryer. Everyone ate popcorn.

The selection process was pretty fun. Some people gave a large amount of points to individual films and others split them up evenly between several. The selections and final ratings were:

Hiding Out - 110
The Last Starfighter - 106
Night Patrol - 82
Robot Jox - 72
Police State 2000 - 50
Dragon Against Vampire - 50
Monster Squad - 20
No More Baths - 10

The sneak-peaks were for a Burt Reynolds film called Rent-A-Cop and a Donald Sutherland film called The Trouble With Spies. Both were fun, but not cool enough to receive more than a one from most viewers. The exception was Andy, who liked the brevity and quality of the previews.

Hiding Out was a very strange film, starting out as a gory action thriller, moving into an offbeat teen comedy with a slightly gross romance, and shifting back to the action thriller. There was a great scene where an FBI agent said he had to take a wicked dump, a super gory kill, John Cryer flying out a window, and a great all star cast.

Many points were allotted because of a specific black janitor character, specifically kool-kasting and sweet-emotion. The janitor meets John Cryer in a great scene where they start drinking in the basement of a high school, and later on there's this great shot where he's punching the crap out of Eddie Munster assassin man. The end is some truly gripping stuff.

We loved this one montage where a teacher bends over and a "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" sound played in the song. It was some sweet-emotion and eye-candy for everyone.

Justin and I did not like the box art. Everyone else adored the photos on front and back.

Police State 2000, Dragon Against Vampire, Monster Squad, and No More Baths are eliminated for eight days. The Last Starfighter, Night Patrol, and Robot Jox are in contention for the next viewing session.


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