Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tape Headz Session 2: Police State 2000 (1999)

Andy and I were really excited about this video. I had nothing bad to say about Alex Jones after seeing the more recent Police State 4 and the great America Destroyed By Design from just a year later. The latter tape is filled with tons of interviews and great commentary on passive American culture, my favorite part being when Alex Jones visits a high school mock United Nations and verbally rips clueless teens apart.

Because we viewed some of the top three remainders from our last viewing session under different circumstances, we went ahead and filled in the gaps. The only returning tapes were Police State 2000, Monster Squad, and The Last Starfighter. The rankings were:

Police State 2000: 85
Worth Waiting: 80
Shodown in Little Tokyo: 65
Friday the 13th The Final Chapter: 60
Monster Squad: 35
The Last Starfighter: 30
The Bodyguard: 25
Executive Decision: 20

This makes it so that within the next seven days, only Worth Waiting, Shodown in Little Tokyo, and Friday the 13th the Final Chapter are eligible for the next session.

We had nachos and drinks and rock sorting.

Unfortunately, the tape wasn't very good. Alex Jones harassed police officers and other people barely related to the topic: military drills run on civilian soil. Of course, we're already so used to this kind of stuff that Jones's protests didn't even seem particularly relevant. We all started falling asleep, and it repeatedly showed the same image of soldiers running in the dark and a woman looking at some fire.

Visual-touchdown points were awarded for Bill Clinton's face turning into Hitler's and a shot of a helicopter near a random building fire that turned into an enormous mushroom cloud explosion. Some people gave Hip-tunes points for the opening's horror film music. Kool-kasting included the legendary Juan Garcia, a clueless guy who was barely related to any military drills.

The previously shown box art was pretty amazing, and I did give that category the one possible bonus point for that.

Getting a 6, 7, 8, and a 9, the film totaled to a 7.5, much lower than Hiding Out's 15.6. The only reason Police State 2000 got more than a 4 is because the cover's so amazing.


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