Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tape Headz Session 3: Worth Winning (1989)

Worth Waiting, Showdown in Little Tokyo,and Friday the 13th the Final Chapter returned for rating this time alongside five new selections, including our first non-feature film selection, a Hard 'n' Heavy video magazine. The tape's with corresponding ratings:

Wired to Kill: 75
Hard 'n' Heavy: 70
Mee Christmas: 50
Sept. 30th, 1955: 0
Worth Waiting: 75
Showdown in Little Tokyo: 30
Friday the 13th The Final Chapter: 65
Trancers II: 35

Crystal single-handedly voted Worth Waiting to the top of the list, with Wired to Kill split between Dave and Brendan. A coin flip went in Crystal's favor, and I'm probably glad it did. This movie's great!

Vote's fluctuated wildly. Dave gave almost every category a perfect tally excluding cover appeal. Brendan and I agreed with him on the low cover rating: that guy being all huge is kind of cool, but that's about it. Crystal gave it a perfect score, saying it's why she voted the movie up in the first place. Brendan also talked a lot about how Mark Harman had AIDS because one of his characters had AIDS on some TV show.

Some notable Visual-Touchdown's included the great opening credits, where Mark Harmon floats in the sky while images of women's legs and butts fly around him. There's also a great two second sex scene with a premature ejaculation that's as grotesque as it sounds. A split-second shot of a communist Ringo Starr poster rounded it up to two points for everyone.

I gave one point for the sneak peaks even though they both sucked. Crystal gave it one a piece and everyone else gave it perfect scores. One was for Die Hard 2 and the other was for some Forest Whittaker film called Downtown. Brendan really liked the De La Soul song in the latter, and I dug the part where a guy flops around in the sun roof of a car right before it drives into a fork lift. 

I couldn't get enough of the film's Spiffy-Scripting. Mark Harmon does this Clarissa Explains It All thing where he's constantly breaking the fourth wall to great effect. Most people maxed this category out excluding Roney, although I made up for his one tick off by giving this category a bonus point.

Roney and Dave maxed out the Hip-Tunes and Brendan gave it his bonus point while Crystal and I settled with ones. Aside from the opening rocker, the music was pure '80s sitcom synths, which is either appealing or appalling depending purely on taste.

With plenty of women running around in skimpy outfits, everyone excluding Crystal gave Eye-Candy at least a two. Again, the opening sequence's legs and butts assured this would receive at least a one.

So in the end, Crystal and I both gave the film 14s and Brendan and Dave gave it 20s, rounding out to 17, our highest rating yet. Worth Winning is definitely better than Hiding Out, so I think this is a perfectly sensible score.

Wired to Kill, Friday the 13th the Final Chapter, and the Hard 'n' Heavy video magazine tape are the remaining top 4 going into the next session.


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