Monday, August 15, 2016

Tape Headz Session 7: Antz (1998)

When Sean pulled Antz out of his bag, it lit up the room. Everybody started discussing Antz and A Bugs Life. Josh recalled A Bugs Life having a horrible story and everyone agreed, while Dave and Sean discussed how little the ant on the front looked like Woody Allen.

We weren't really doing anything before we started, but I made Sean take this picture where it looked like he was doing something anyway.

For the selections, only the previous top four returned, and surprisingly, none of them received many votes. 

UFO Government Cover-Ups: 20
Antz: 140
Duran Duran - Greatest The Videos: 50
Eyes Wide Shut: 50
Alien 3: 20
What Women Want: 20
The Cure - Galore: 50
Ninja Destroyer: 50

Nothing received zero votes, which was refreshing, but Sean packed all of his votes on Antz and Crystal also gave it forty points.

As we had an unprecedented four-way tie for second, we had to flip a coin for Ninja Destroyer and The Cure, then a separate one for Duran Duran and Eyes Wide Shut. Ninja Destroyer and Eyes Wide Shut, and the final coin toss was in The Cure's favor.

Jay sent us a meme that greatly empowered us.

People were generally in favor the of the Kool-Kasting, with Christopher Walken, Gene Hackman Sylvester Stallone, Woody Allen, Danny Glover, and a million other celebrity voice actors. Sean even gave it his bonus point. Visual-Touchdowns were a big deal. People liked the angular style of the computer-animated ants, while others were impressed by the giant magnifying glass section.

The only sneak peaks were crappy trailers of the Prince of Egypt and Babe: Pig in the City. We have yet to find a film that received unanimous threes for sneak peeks. Eye-Candy was relegated to the beefy Sylvester Stallone ant by Sean and me.

Sweet-Emotion oozed from the film. Josh's personal favorite was Sylvester Stallone and some random worker ants love, while others generally appreciated the drama and romance of it all. Nobody gave it less than a two. Dave and Sean gave it Hip-Tunes for the dance scene's music and for the screaming doppler effect on a shoe.

Spiffy-Scripting points were given by many for the general plot and for some great lines. "The little guy made it" and "You dah ant!" were Sean's favorites, while Dave generally appreciated the more mature tone of the film compared to crap like A Bug's Life. Everyone gave two for Cover-Appeal except Dave, who really felt like it summed up the film perfectly.

We decided to rate another film about three minutes later, so that's coming up next!


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