Monday, August 15, 2016

Tape Headz Session 8: Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Having just completed a round of Tape Headz, we immediately jumped into the next one. The only returning tape was You Got Served, although The Hobbit and Suicide Kings have been discussed as potential nominees for weeks.

This was a tough one to decide. While Dave was vocal about his desire to watch the Cure tape, everyone else's affections were split between multiple films. Everyone thought long and hard.

In the end, the ratings came out like so:

Eyes Wide Shut: 137
The Cure - Galore: 61
America Destroyed By Design: 21
Suicide Kings: 41
Cool Surface: 30
You Got Served: 30
The Hobbit: 40
Ninja Destroyer: 40

Everyone split up their votes, but Josh put 97 of his points to Eyes Wide Shut. Thus, we were thrust into an underground of sex and secrets.

But first we had to figure out next session's returning tapes. Suicide Kings inched it's way to third because Josh gave it one extra point, so The Hobbit and Ninja Destroyers were on the chopping block. Someone called tails on The Hobbit and it made it for the next session.

At nearly three hours long, Eyes Wide Shut was easily the longest film Tape Headz has encountered. It was a struggle, and we had many side conversations, but everyone generally enjoyed the film.

For Kool-Kasting, Nicole and Tom's bizarre over-acting was praised. Visual-Touchdowns had a lot more discussion, including the bright Christmas lights and trees that decorate almost every set. Crystal really appreciated the boob lights in the ballroom scene. The prostitute college student's room received a lot of attention, with everyone pointing out individual aspects of the set design, including how the TV was turned off and the intro to Sociology book sitting on the dresser. Of course, the masquerade orgy and all of the attendees masks were also praised. Everything of note in the film was super visual and Crystal and Josh both gave this category a bonus point for it.

The Sneak-Peaks sucked, limited to a commercial for a site called No idea if it still exists and will not check, but most people enjoyed it and gave it one point. Dave and Sean dropped their bonus points on the Eye-Candy section as the film featured numerous naked women. Nicole Kidman's butt was on display repeatedly in the first forty-five minutes. A lot of people really liked the sexy scene where the song from the commercials that's all "She did a bad bad thing" repeated over and over.

Most gave three towards Sweet-Emotion. Tom Cruise's general fear and confusion throughout the film exhibit a ton of drama. Crystal loved the awkward conversation between Tom and Nick Nightingale with the note and password.

Hip-Tunes were all over the place. The "She did a bad bad thing" was great, Nick Nightingale played some great tunes, the orgy drone rules, and the single-note piano motif that appears all over the place were great. Spiffy-Scripting also received threes from most with the generally strange disjointed feel of most conversations really sticking out.

Cover-Appeal was a little more divisive. Dave and Sean said it was ho-hum and gave it a one, while Crystal and Josh both plopped down a two and said they generally liked it. At this point we were really burnt out and couldn't discuss much else outside of how everyone wanted to go to bed. Actually, Dave didn't want to go to bed.

Eyes Wide Shut received some high scores, high enough that it's currently the highest rated Tape Headz film. If it had some better trailers, it probably would have broken the twenty spot. Josh has a hunch that The Cure - Galore, if it has some trailers, might break this record, but we'll just have to wait and see.


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