Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tape Headz Sessions 13 and 14: Hard 'n' Heavy and The Killer

The lost Tape Headz session.

Weeks ago, we voted for Hard 'n' Heavy, the metal music compilation tape. We know that Gamera, Space Adventure Cobra, and Getting Even With Dad were in the top four, but the documents regarding our rating have been lost when I got a newer, much larger couch. It rated in the 14-16 range, but without any documents, it's impossible to give a finite score.


For session 15, Tape Headz was preceded by a long POG sorting session.

We started at around 10:00 and sorted for an hour and a half before taking a break. Today we will finish this task and continue with another Tape Headz, but our fourteenth nominees were given points like so:

Mortal Kombat Annihilation: 51
The 6th Day: 41
Buck Rodgers: 0
The Killer: 95
Porky's: 31
Gamera: 1
Getting Even With Dad: 48
Space Adventure Cobra: 33

Josh's sole 95 points towards The Killer sparked controversy, as did some other events that occurred while viewing. Crystal fell asleep, which greatly altered the final score of the film. The Tape Headz committee will discuss potential alterations to the rules, although one possible suggestion was quite popular: the veto law. Currently, the idea is that participants would be given the option to veto a tape twice ever. Once vetoed, a tape would not be eligible for nomination for a determined amount of time. One idea was to do two years, then if it was vetoed more times its banning period would double repeatedly: two vetoes would make it four years, and three would be eight. The council will discuss this matter further.

For those who remained awake, Justin gave the film a very high 19, putting three points on visual-touchdown, sneak-peak for the amazing Zeiram trailer, sweet-emotion, and hip-tunes. Spiffy-scripting won the extra point, while the abysmal cover only got one. Justin's notes are as follows:

-Chow Yung Fat's mustache/master of disguise
-So many deaths
-Chang has a huge heart. He's a hero!
-"Sir. I do nothing for nobody."
-"There's no way our for us"
-"Right, nurses, ignore them."
-Draw a police sketch from a police sketch
-aTeleporting Chow
-Jennie the murderer
-Final fight scene is amazing!

Josh gave four points for the visual-touchdown, three for sweet-emotion and hip-tunes, and twos and zeros for other categories, while Crystal passed out after only awarding four points.

Excluding Crystal's vote, the film would have made it up to 17.5, the highest Tape Headz yet, but as it stands, it gets an undeserved 13. We may have to redo both of these sessions sometime. 


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