Sunday, February 5, 2017

Tape Headz Session 12: Groundhog Day (1993)

Not so long ago, it felt like Groundhog Day was on TBS every afternoon. It was like a big in-joke in the studio: just like Bill Murray was stuck in the same repeated loop for 11,000 (or somewhere around 30 years), we'd be watching it over and over for close to eternity.

So when Crystal said she wanted something either comedy, drama, or horror, he went straight for the Groundhog Day.

You won't believe how the points went:

September 30th, 1955 - 0
You've Got Mail - 0
Flatliners - 0
Mortal Kombat Annihilation - 33
Getting Even With Dad - 33
Space Adventure Cobra - 33
Hard N Heavy Vol. 10 - 100
Groundhog Day - 101

Groundhog Day won by one point. Returning films September 30th, 1955 and You've Got Mail (sealed with a mouse pad) were knocked out of the running. We gave Space Adventure Cobra a by in the coin flip to determine the three way tie for third and fourth place, and Getting Even With Dad beat out MK Annihilation. 

The first thing we noted was how bad the cover was: Billy Murray's stuck in a clock and seems pretty complacent about it. Meanwhile, if you note the size of the chick, her head's like three times smaller than said clock. If that's the case, imagine how big that window actually is, especially considering the enormous drape. Even worse, the film takes place on Groundhog Day, a winter event, but the background looks like an autumn dusk. Really, really strange design decisions.

Justin was surprised with how much he enjoyed the film. He jotted down the most stuff-he-loved notes:

1. Phil kills the groundhog
2. "She's fun, but not my kind of fun."
3. Booing a groundhog
4. "Is it snowing in space?"
5. "Wuhuhuhuh" -Ned
6. Phil the cop killer
7. Creepy Bill Murray gets slapped over and over on Groundhog Day.

Justin was prepared to give the film three full points plus the bonus for Spiffy-Scripting, but was severely disappointed by the ending. 

Josh awarded Sneak-Peaks the bonus point, with three full Sneak-Peaks. The Pickle in particular wowed the crowd, an R-rated film about a man making a film about a flying pickle.

Crystal only gave the film one Eye-Candy point, but otherwise gave most things two and with a couple threes.

In the end, Justin gave it a 19, Crystal gave it 17, and Josh gave it 16. This leaves Space Adventure Cobra, Getting Even With Dad, and Hard 'n' Heavy Volume 10 for the next session.


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