Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tape Headz Session 38 & 39: Alien and Moulin Rouge

Tape Headz Session 38: Alien

We all put points towards Alien, although Crystal, Justin, and Josh threw a ton of points towards Moulin Rouge, The Air Up There, and White Noise respectively.


Always: 19.275
Parenthood: .775
White Noise: 49.725
Moulin Rouge: 72.3
Air Up There: 60.5
A Life Less Ordinary: 8.1
Strictly Ballroom: 0 
Alien: 89.325

It's been weeks since A Life Less Ordinary entered the top four, but it got dropped pretty hard in favor of the top four. It's funny how tastes change over the course of a few sessions.

Alien was started one week and Josh and Justin quickly fell asleep. We resumed viewing later that week, curious to see if a sci-fi classic would score well on our criteria.

Here's some notes:

-Black guy
-Exploding chest
-Alien 1st death
-Dead guy(?)
-Ships tubes
-Alien on escape ship
-Happy meal
-Cat's facial expression
-Spooky hatch song
-Cat scare
-Alien acid bloods face hugger scene
-Cryogenic waking up scene
-Nips and crack
-Alien's weird second mouth
-Ash robot=killer survives near death experience
-Post-face hugger dinner scene as sweet-emotion/celebratory dinner

The film scored well, but it's better discussed in relation to the next film, so without further adieu:


Tape Headz Session 39: Moulin Rouge

Josh was really excited to bring in The Money based solely on the cover and Crystal was excited about the Secret Garden, but slapped most of their points on Moulin Rouge. Crystal really loves the film, and Josh was interested in seeing how it would score. Justin, again, dropped a ton of points on The Air Up There.

Air Up There: 90
Moulin Rouge: 108.5
White Noise: 34.9
The Money: 33.6
Go: 1
Fallen: 23
TMNT 2 - Secret of the Ooze: .5
The Secret Garden: 8

You've gotta love when no tapes score 0.

This tape is the special edition, which features a number of extended scenes. The tape itself scored high, ranging from 17.5 to 22.5, yet it would have scored lower if these special edition features weren't on the tape for sure.

Some notes:

-Ewan McGregor
-The Duke
-John Leguizamo
-Black guy
-Elephant climb
-Freeze frames
-Moon and stars
-R+J trailer
-Deleted scenes
-Music video
-Special features
-Butts and vaginas
-Boob jello
-Kylie Minogue
-Lil' Kim
-Dying -> death
-Children of the Revolution
-Elephant love medly
-Screwing in window
-It's quite long
-I just like talent
-Secret love affair
-Dick touch
-Hot air balloon
-MTV performance

-Dancing on sky
-Climing on roof
-Snake bitch
-Ewan McGregor's crazy ass smile
-Kidman is so ready for that dick
-Ewan is scared of having sex
-Gun flying around Paris
-Lipstick smears
-Crotch close-ups
-Extended Roxanne

I bolded the special edition section notes to prove a point: a ton of points can come from elements outside the film itself. Neither Josh or Justin were impressed by either the cover or the trailers, but the series of post-view extended scenes and additions probably added at least three points to everyone's score. 

Tape Headz is more complex than simply if a tape is good or bad: it's about the experience a group of unique individuals has while watching one unique VHS. Regardless of how mass-produced the tape was or how many people have seen it, it's really down to the people in the room and that one VHS tape.

Like this one.

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