Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tape Headz Sessions 9, 10, 11, and State of the Union

Tape Headz has been on indefinite hold while I sorted out my career change from mild mannered teacher to entrepreneur, but now that things are starting to calm down, I think it's time that Tape Headz made a comeback.

Session #9 was the Hobbit, which scored 15 points with five in attendance. Some voted 19, some voted 11, balancing it out to an average-ish score.

#10 was Jack's Back, which scored a reasonable 11.6.

The last Tape Headz (#11) was The Cool Surface starring Robert Patrick and Lois Lane. It won on a three way coin flip and scored 16.5, an admirable score for such a weird movie.

The remainders from the last top four are September 30th, 1955, the Space Adventure Cobra, and You've Got Mail. We'll be back soon!

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